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Instructor: Rabbi Peretz Kazen


Main Library at Goodwood

7711 Goodwood Blvd.

Baton Rouge, LA 70806

OR EVENINGS ON ZOOM 7:00 - 8:30pm



Fee: $89
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Course Overview

My G-d: Defining the Divine

Nothing is off-limits as this refreshingly open course asks piercing questions about G-d and delivers profound, insightful answers. An enlightening study into G-d’s nature, G-d’s goal for creation, human experiences of G-d, the role of religion, and the function of miracles and prayer, this course promises to satisfy your questions, including those you didn't know you had.

Lesson Outline


Lesson One: The Basics   Let’s become familiar with G-d’s basic bio:
What is G-d and where is He? Does G-d have a gender? And who created G-d?


Lesson Two: His Nature   Let’s learn a bit about how G-d operates:
Does G-d have feelings? Does He communicate with us? Does He ever act illogically? Why does He have so many names? And why is it that many write “G-d†with a hyphen?


Lesson Three: His Reasons   Let’s discover why G-d does what he does:
Why did G-d create me—does He need me? And why did He create evil—does He need evil? Can I question G-d? And why is He described in the Bible as “wrathful†and “jealous�


Lesson Four: His Expectations   Let’s discuss G-d’s expectations of us:
Do I have to believe in G-d to be Jewish? What if I have doubts about G-d?
Do I need to fear G-d? That doesn’t sound very appealing!
Lastly, I’m okay with believing in G-d, but I’m not religious. Can I still have a relationship with Him?


Lesson Five: His Paradoxes   Let’s delve into some of the deeper Divine mysteries and enigmas:
Can G-d create a rock that He can’t lift? Does His foreknowledge of events preclude my free choice? Is there anything that G-d finds difficult to do? And if G-d has decided to do something, can I change His mind?


Lesson Six: Our Relationship   Let’s deepen our understanding of our relationship with G-d:
Why can’t we see G-d? Because we can’t see Him, can we reconcile His existence with science?
Why is Judaism so obsessed with idolatry—is G-d jealous?
Last of all: I’m a spiritual person; do I need to follow the Torah’s “system†to have a relationship with G-d?

November 30th, 2022 11:00 AM