All about us

Our Mission

Any Mitzvah. Any Jew. Any Moment. The Jewish people are quite diverse. But there must be some Mitzvah that everyone can relate to. We believe in the immeasurable power of every Jew, and the immeasurable value of every Mitzvah. Our mission is to provide every Jew with that opportunity in a loving, accepting and non-judgmental manner.

Our Funding 

Chabad at LSU and Greater Baton Rouge is funded by contributions from people like yourself who recognise the impact and positive change we are having on Jewish life & learning in our community and among young Jews. 

  • All gifts are tax deductable. 
  • We do not receive funding from Chabad International in New York.
  • Likewise, we do not pay a membership to Chabad International in New York.
  • Every dollar raised locally stays local. 
  • There is no formal membership required in order to join and participate in Chabad's activities and our community.

Our Personnel

Rabbi Peretz & Mushka Kazen Direct Chabad at LSU & Greater Baton Rouge since its opening in summer of 2015, along with their five children. 

Rabbi Peretz was born and raised in Brooklyn, was in the founding class at the Chabad Yeshiva in Baltimore, continued his studies on the East Coast with breaks of volunteer service to communities in Russia, Greece, Ukraine, and Japan. He was ordained by the Rabbinical College of America and Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, former cheif Rabbi of Israel. 

Mushka, a native to the South, having been born and raised in New Orleans, from where her parents direct the Chabad Network in Louisiana, studied in New Orleans & Brooklyn where she expanded her love for inspiring others to grow in their appreciation & knowedge of Judaism. Mushka excelled as Program Director at schools and other non-profits both on the West Coast and in New Orleans and is proud to bring that experience with her to her work in Baton Rouge. 


Chabad in the greater Louisiana area now has 4 centers. Click here to see our affiliates, and more on Chabad's history in the State.

What we envision for you

A community where all are welcome no matter background or affiliation.

A place where every Jew is family.

An organization in Baton Rouge that provides religious, educational, social, and recreational programming for the community, no matter what age.

A place where you can experience a true Shabbat dinner in a comfortable home-like setting with great company, superb food and stimulating discussions.

A forum where you can question your faith and not be afraid of judgment.

A haven to which you can turn when you're stressed or lonely and need a true friend. We are available 24/7 with open minds and wide hearts.

A center for study, where you can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of your Jewish heritage.

An environment where being Jewish is fun.

A local branch of an organization that has gained national prominence as one of the fastest growing and most vibrant, innovative and all-inclusive organizations for Jewish communities in this country.