The experience of Hurricane Ida was very intense. Even for Chabad staff who have been in Louisiana for many years, this was possibly the most powerful storm we have experienced, in terms of wind strength and duration.

The Chabad centers in New Orleans, Metairie, and Baton Rouge
 are in touch with many that are here and who've evacuated. 

We are currently assessing the damage, but we are happy to report that, first and foremost, our communities families are all safe. 

The power infrastructure of our area took catastrophic damage, so we are currently working on making sure that we have enough generators to keep our basic appliances online.

No matter what the next few days and weeks bring, we are here for our communities!

Please reach out if you know of someone who needs support, whether practical, spiritual or emotional via the contact us form here

To support the purchase of recovery supplies and post-storm activities, You can make a donation.

Best wishes for a good and sweet new year,

Chabad of Louisiana
Chabad Jewish Center of Metairie
Chabad of Greater Baton Rouge & LSU


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