at Chabad of Baton Rouge
Shavuot: May 28th - May 30th
Message from the Rabbi
Over 3,327 years ago, the children of Israel stood as one nation at the foot of the Mount Sinai and received the Torah from G‑d. Each year on the holiday of Shavuot, this historic event is re-lived as the Ten Commandments are read from the Torah.
At Chabad of Baton Rouge, Shavout is no minor holiday. G‑d's ways are mysterious, and this year it seems G‑d's wish is for us not to celebrate in the usual fashion of coming together as a community.... 
However, this year we will celebrate non-the-less. We will learn about the meaning and relevance of Shavout, it's customs and rituals.
Please use the links below and join the online interactive classes prior to the holiday.
Chabad put together a Shavout in a Box to help you celebrate at home with treats for the mind, body, and soul.
Wishing you a happy and healthy Shavuot,
Rabbi Peretz Kazen

Shavout in a box

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pre-shavout classes  

Today, Tuesday, May 19th 7:00 pm 
One of customs of Shavout is to read the Book of Ruth.
The Jewish Womens Circle is hosting a class on the book of Ruth with Mushka's mom, Mrs. Bluma Rivkin.
Join in exploring the timeless messages that can be found in this story. 
Please reply to this email for the zoom info. 
Tuesday, May 26th 7:30 pm 
The Kabbalah of Shavout: What is the significance of the the number six? Is there a path to inner peace?
Peel back the layers, go beyond the cheesecake and blintzes, to explore what the Chassidic masters revealed about the impactful lessons of Shavout. 
10 Commandments
Friday, May 29th
Our Sages explain that before G‑d gave the Torah to the Jewish People, He demanded guarantors. The people suggested our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; but these were not sufficient. They cited many other great leaders and people but G‑d did not accept them either! Finally, they declared, "Our children will be our guarantors!" G‑d immediately accepted and agreed to give them the Torah.
The Jewish Children were — and still are — the guarantors and transmitters of the Torah. Our commitment to their education has always been the best assurance to the continuity of Torah and Mitzvoth . When G‑d gave the Torah on Mt. Sinai, every Jewish child was present. Let us ensure that our children will hear it this year too!
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